FirstDomestic Transfer

First Domestic Transfer (FDT) is our unique product which allows you to transfer funds electronically through our online, real-time network of branches within Nigeria. With FDT, you can use our extensive branch network to SEND and RECEIVE money across the country. Your recipient(s) have the unique option of receiving the transfer as Bank Cheque/Draft, Cash pickup or via ATM. It is set up to meet the needs of businessmen, travelers, students who want to transfer funds for their transactions.

Who Is This For

  • Companies/individual paying statutory levy/insurance claims in bank cheque across the nation
  • Merchants who engage in buying and selling across the country
  • Travelers not wishing to carry large sums of money about
  • Business moguls who want to pay their clients through a third party with or without the use of cash
  • Payment of school fees/upkeep by parents whose wards are schooling outside their place of residence
  • Payment of field/outsourced staff by cash of bank cheque across the country.


  • Available at over 600 branches nationwide.
  • Single send to multiple receivers.
  • Receiver has the option of collecting funds in the following options:
    • Cash
    • Bank draft/Cheque or
    • ATM


  • Convenient
  • Fast and reliable transaction process
  • Safety of funds and cash.

Who Can Apply?

18yrs and above

Required Documents

Any of the following forms of identification are acceptable:

  • Driver’s license
  • International Passport
  • National ID Card
  • Permanent voters’ card
  • Any other form of identification as stipulated by the sender.
  1. Must I have an account with FirstBank to use FDT?
  • The product is designed to service both customers and non-customers of the Bank. However, if the Receiver is to be paid through bank draft/cheque, the Sender must have an account with the Bank.


  1. What are the requirements for sending funds through FDT?
  • The process requires a Sender to complete an FDT-To-Send Form, pay cash or issue a debit instrument for account holders (sender bears the charges).
  • Sender’s name, Address and phone number
  • Receiver’s name address and phone number
  • State mode of receiver’s Identification


  1. What do I need to receive FDT?
  • Recipient is required to complete an FDT To Receive Form
  • Provide the FDT control number
  • Proof of Identification
  • Sender’s name, Address and phone number
  • Receiver’s name address and phone number


  1. How much do I pay to receive funds sent to me via FDT?
  • The Receiver pays no charges.


  1. Where can I pick up funds sent to me?
  • Cash can be picked up at any FirstBank branch nationwide except otherwise specified by the Sender. However, bank draft/cheque is restricted to the branch specified by the Sender.

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