FirstEdu Portal

With FirstEdu Portal, educational institutions do not need to bother about logistics and payment challenges. We take the stress off you; no licensing, installation and maintenance cost required.


  • Online admission, admission status checking and online purchase of admission forms for postgraduate, undergraduate, post-UME, Diploma, etc
  • Online session or courses’ registration
  • Interactive community forum between students & lecturers
  • Online information and result checking (including assignments/tests & request for transcripts)
  • School fees payments via the Internet (using debit/cash/scratch cards) or across Bank branches nationwide
  • Consolidated single view of information on all payments collected
  • Online provision of content/lecture materials, i.e. tutorials, lecture notes, etc
  • Academic & student events, time-table and calendar management
  • Online Opinion polling & Focused voting (e.g. Student Union Election)
  • E-Learning, Virtual library & Facilitation of Exchange programmes with foreign educational Institutions.


  • Income source to the Institution
  • Plugs avenues for revenue leakages
  • No licensing, installation and maintenance cost required
  • Applicants all over the country & abroad, get the opportunity to enroll from the comfort of their homes or any location around the world
  • Students get easier access to quality education
  • Provides robust reports that aid planning
  • Provides opportunities for foreign exchange programmes.
  • Students can pay school fees on FirstEduPortal using Debit cards (e.g. InterSwitch cards), scratch cards or via any bank branch.

Required Documents

  • Mandate Letter from Institution
  • Memorandum of Understanding.

1) How much will it cost to implement?

  • There is no cost to the school


2) How can we monitor student payments?

  • FirstEdu Portal has robust reports suited to the school’s needs


3) How are access rights managed?

  • Rights are assigned on need-to-know and need-to-use basis only.

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