Federal Inland Revenue

FIRS Tax is a compulsory levy imposed on the income of individuals, corporate bodies and government agencies for the financing of government expenditures. These levies include: Company income tax, Value Added Tax, Withholding tax, Education tax, Stamp Duty etc.


  • Electronic payment method via PAYDirect Platform
  • Customer’s Tax Identification Number (TIN)


  • Taxpayer is seen as a responsible citizen
  • WHT tax receipt issued to Taxpayer can be used to offset tax liability

1) What is TIN?

  • Tax Identification Number. A unique code for recognising a taxpayer on FIRS database.


2) Can payment be made in any FirstBank branch?

  • Yes, you can pay your tax at any FirstBank branch.


3) What documents required for payment?

  • Customer TIN, Assessment Form, WHT schedule.


4) How can a new taxpayer get the TIN?

  • Taxpayers can get their Tax Identification Number (TIN) from any Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) tax office.


5) Must a taxpayer be assessed before payment?

Pre-payment assessment is not necessary. However, new taxpayers (individual and corporate) are assessed before payment of certain taxes, for instance POL Tax, Penalty, etc.

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