Now your customers can make payments online with FirstPayLink, a solution that enables internet payments on merchants/ecommerce websites.


  • The solution provides a seamless flow for customers to navigate payment options, select preferred payments, confirm payment amounts and proceed to key in card details for authorization .
  • Allows payers select preferred payment options from a list of available payment processors.
  • Transfers users to relevant payment processor (InterSwitch, eTranzact, Visa, etc) pages within a frame for entry of card and PIN information.
  • Provides on-screen payment success notifications.
  • Generates, displays and emails payment receipts with unique reference numbers, to payers’ e-mail address.
  • It provides Merchant reports with flexibility for searching, based on predefined product and category criteria



  • Improved satisfaction for payers through payment convenience available 24/7.
  • Increased revenue sources for Merchants, from access to a wider range of customers home & abroad.
  • Enables the use of borderless means (Internet) in trading.
  • Minimal skills required to integrate to Merchant website
  • It is a secure mode of payment acceptable all over the world.
  • Real-time access to transaction information.
  • Provides a log of all successful payment for monitoring, accounting and reconciliation purposes
  • Provides reports useful for budgeting & planning purposes.
  • All-in-one solution that allows addition of new payment options.


Required Documents

  • The Merchant Application Form must be signed and properly verified.
  • The Merchant must execute an agreement with FirstBank.
  • The Merchant must have a web portal
  • Goods and services must be clearly listed, with price tags, on the web portal
  • The web portal must provide customer registration functionality
  • The web portal must keep track of the customer’s service/goods selection before checkout
  • The web portal should keep track of the customer’s orders by generating an order id and storing the details of the order for historical purposes The merchant’s service terms and conditions must be clearly stated on the web portal.

To apply for FirstPay Link, 

  • Download and fill the Merchant Application Form.
  • Submit at any FirstBank Branch near you for next steps.

1) What is the cost implication?

  • A one-off implementation cost of N50,000 per Switch (Card scheme), to be borne by the Merchant
  • Transaction charge of 1.5%, subject to a maximum of N2,000. To be borne by the Merchant

2) Is it mandatory for a Merchant to have a FirstBank account?

  • Yes, the merchant must be a FirstBank Account Holder

3) Must the payer/cardholder be a FirstBank Account Holder?

  • Payments on the Merchant website via FirstPayLink can be done using any Bank card..

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