Real Sector Support Facility

Are you a start-up business or a large enterprise working on expansion? This special intervention fund of N300 billion established by the Federal Government through the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) is available to assist your business’s financing needs by providing low interest, long-tenured funds.


  • Minimum and maximum single obligor limits are N500m and N10b respectively.
  • The scheme would terminate on December 31, 2030.



  • Low interest rate to customers (9% all-in, max).
  • Available for start-ups.
  • Long-tenured (up to 15years).


Who Can Apply

Large Corporate (wholly owned by & Managed as Nigerian Private Ltd Liability Coy) with Min single obligor limit of N500m.


Required Documents

  • Formal application for a credit Facility.
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Memorandum and Article of Association (MEMART)
  • Board Resolution to Borrow
  • Feasibility Study/Business Plan.

To take up our facilities, contact the Agric Finance Desk through email on:

1) What is RSSF?

  • Special intervention fund of N300bn established by the Federal Government through the CBN to address the financing needs of start-ups and expansion projects of large enterprises by providing low-cost, long-tenured fund to such enterprises.

2) Who Can Participate?

  • Large-scale enterprises in the manufacturing, services and agricultural value chain wholly-owned and managed as a Nigerian private limited company.
  • Start-up projects can apply.

3) What is the interest rate?

  • Maximum of 9% all-in.

4) How do I qualify for this facility?

  • No record of non-performing loans with any financial institution.
  • Minimum and maximum single obligor limits are N500m and N10b respectively.
  • Collateral includes landed property with EFSV of 130% of facility limit, lien on assets/commodity being financed, all assets debenture on assets  and Guarantee of Promoters/Directors for the bank’s exposure.

5) What are the required documentations?

  • Formal application for a credit Facility.
  • Certificate of Incorporation.
  • Memorandum and Article of Association.
  • Board Resolution to Borrow.
  • Feasibility Study/Business Plan.
  • Business plan including cash flow projection with assumptions, marketing plan, repayment plan, draw down schedule, Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet projections.
  • Audited or management account for the past 3 financial years.

6) Can a business name apply?

  • You have to be a registered incorporated company having a competent management structure.

7) Can I apply at any branch? 

  • Yes, you can walk in to the nearest FBN branch to apply.

8) How soon can I get my loan approved? 

  • This depends on different variables like; your business plan, cash flow, swift provision of accurate documentations and adequate collateral.

9) How soon can I get the facility after approval?

  • This depends on duration of receipt of funds from CBN after due diligence.

10) Can I get a longer tenor for my facility?

  • It is long-tenured (up to 10years).

11) Can a farmer use his farmland as collateral for Agricultural Loan?

  • No, farmland is not on the list of acceptable collateral under Agricultural Finance.

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