Does your business need cash support for handling capital, property development or refurbishment? Are you looking to purchase new machinery/equipment to give your business a boost?  

Whatever your business plans are, our loans are designed to meet your business needs. We also have financing options for all your other needs including : medical Bills, Local Purchase Orders School fees e.t.c.


No matter your business type, this loan is designed to finance our small and medium scale retail customers, to support their  working capital requirements.

This loan will help businesses finance the smooth execution of contracts awarded only by FirstBank approved list of companies.


Does your business have an annual turnover of N500 million and below? This loan facility is aimed at supporting your business to finance capital projects.

SME Products Financing

As an SME that deals in oil and gas, cement distributorship, importation etc. these loans facilities will support the growth of your business with required funds.

Local Purchase Orders Finance

Need funds to carry out supply orders for your small to medium retail business? Meet all your customers’ orders in time and never run out of stock with this loan facility.

Operational Vehicles

Get the Operational Vehicle loan as part-finance to purchase new vehicles for the day-to-day running of your business.

The FirstEdu loan is available to Private schools owners who require extra funds for the smooth running of their school operations.

Revenue Loans and Overdraft

With this credit facility, you can draw, within a specified tenor agreed amounts, exceeding the credit balance in your current account.

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