Domiciliary Account

This is an account that allows you save in US Dollars, Pounds Sterling or Euro; with your money valued at the prevailing exchange rate. It facilitates your international business transactions.

Why choose this account?

  • Minimum opening balance of $500, €500 or £300
  • Minimum operating balance of $100, €100, or £50
  • No limit to number of withdrawals in a month
  • Cash withdrawal is at 0.5% flat per transaction
  • Inter sol transactions (account owner only) are allowed.
  • Guaranteed FCY deposit
  • Attractive pool for interest on bank fund
  • No restrictions on number of withdrawals
  • Inter sol withdrawal (account holder only) allowed.


Who Can Apply?

  • SMEs and Corporate organisations can operate this account.


What Documents do you Need?

  • Duly completed Account Opening Form
  • Duly completed specimen signature card
  • Two (2) recent passport photographs
  • Address verification document: Utility Bill
  • Valid means of identification e.g. International passport, Driver’s license or National ID card.

1) In what currencies can the account be opened?

  • Pounds Sterling, US Dollars and Euro

2) Can I make transactions on my account from any FirstBank branch?

  • Yes, you can.

3) Is there a restriction to number of withdrawals?

  • There are no restrictions to number of withdrawals

4) How can I open this account?

  • Simply visit any FirstBank branch nearest to you.

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