Forex Sales

Need Forex for your SME business?
We can help with that!

Are you an SME?

Do you know you can get USD20,000 per quarter from any FirstBank branch for your trade business?

All you need are the following requirements:

  1. Duly completed Form Q
  2. Foreign Bank transfer details
  3. Proforma invoice from the offshore supplier/Beneficiary;
  4. Application letter from the customer requesting for the FX allocation
  5. Applicant must be an account holder with FirstBank and must have
    operated the account for at least six (6)months.

Please note that importers of items classified as ‘Not Valid for Foreign Exchange’ with transaction value of USD20,000 and below per quarter shall now qualify for allocation of foreign exchange, subject to the requirements stated above.

Kindly contact for further information.

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