FirstDom Plus

This foreign currency deposit account is targeted at existing and potential domiciliary customers with balances of $5,000 and above. It offers attractive interest rates and highly reduced transfer charges.

Why Choose this Account?

  • Account is operated with a specialized non-clearing cheque book
  • Foreign draft issuance is allowed on the account
  • No charges on over-the-counter cash withdrawals
  • Transfer charges on account as low as 0.25% flat

Who Can Apply?

  • Individuals and corporates.

What Documents do I Need?

  • Individual Account Opening Form
  • Completed Specimen Signature card
  • Two recent passport photographs
  • Valid means of identification e.g. International Passport , Driver’s License or National I.D. Card (Original to be sighted)
  • Utility Bill, e.g. NEPA, NITEL Bill, etc

To open an FirstDom Plus account,

1) Is First Dom Plus the same thing as your Domiciliary Account?

  • They are two different accounts with different features and benefits.

2) How much do I need to open this account?

  • The minimum opening/operating balance for this account in 3 major currencies are: $5,000.00; €5, 000.00; £3, 000.00

3) What is the interest rate applicable on First Dom Plus Account?

  • Applicable interest rates are based on deposit buckets as follows:
    $5,000 – $9,999 at 0.50% per annum
    $10,000 – $49,999 at 0.75% per annum
    $50,000 – $99,999 at 1.00% per annum
    $100,000 – Above at 2.00% per annum

4) Can I migrate my existing domiciliary account to FirstDom Plus Account?

  • Yes you can, as long as you are able to increase your existing balance to the minimum opening balance.

5) Will I still retain my account number when I migrate to the FirstDom Plus Account?

  • Your account number will be changed because the two products are different

6) Who is eligible to open FirstDom Plus account?

  • Individuals and corporate organisations 

7) How can I open this account?

  • Simply visit any FirstBank branch nearest to you.

8) Apart from the higher interest paid on this account, are there other benefits available when I open this account?

  • Yes. Any cash withdrawal on the account is free of charge.
    Withdrawals from any FirstBank branch are allowed.
    Account holders with balances $30,000 and above pay ≤ 0.25% transfer charges.

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